Mr. Ramamurthy N., Thanaphon Sweet Corn Grower from India
"My income grew by 30% after the switch to Thanaphon Sweet Corn”

With over 10-year experience growing sweet corn, Mr. Ramamurthy, the Indian farmer is confident in the quality of Thanaphon Sweet Corn from Chiatai. The breed is easier to cultivate, the taste is sweeter and more delicious which makes it a market demand. Moreover, the yield volume reaches 9-11 tons per acres. For course, Mr. Ramamurthy’s life got better too. He expanded his sweet corn plantation from 1 to 4 acres within a short period and became a role model as the most successful Thanaphon Sweet Corn grower in the region.

“I’m certainly confident in the quality when it’s from Chiatai”

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