Mr. Nuttapong Kansing, a Snaky004-Snake Gourd farmer in Thailand.
"Diligence and a commitment to learn and take action are the keys to my sustainable success"

Mr. Nuttapong Kansing or ‘Poo Yai San Khom’ is the prototype farmer who has been in the Integrated Farming System industry for over 20 years. The extensive experience has never stopped him from learning and experimenting with new ways. Mr. Nuttapong has been cultivating different snake gourd seeds without success but he has never given up. That was until he found success with the Snaky004-Snake Gourd seeds from Chiatai that produced disease tolerance, high branching ability, and long-lasting harvests. More importantly, they are in high-demand because of the market standard quality of shape, shipping endurance and delicious taste.

Snaky004-Snake Gourd is another great start to Mr. Nuttapong’s business as it built upon the foundation of the Integrated Farming system seamlessly. Mr. Nuttapong reflected that, without diligence, ambition and the courage to take action, his business wouldn’t have grown as strong and as sustainably successful as it is today.

“You have to be able to read the market, pick the breeds that are in demand and choose qualified Chiatai seeds which the market accepts only.”

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