Mr. Thanathorn Chailanka, a tomato grower in Thailand.
"From generation to generation, this new passion-filled generation has improved and expanded their business in just 3 years"

As soon as Mr.Thanathorn Chailanka graduated from university, he has decided to join the family's tomato business. Just 3 years ago, he had the opportunity to learn and test Chiatai tomato seeds with the confidence in the brand’s reputation. He’s witnessed better tomato quality than ever before and combined with guidance and care from Chiatai, Mr. Thanathorn is sure that Chiatai will help his business grow stronger.

It has been 3 years since he started using Chiatai tomato seeds, but Mr. Thanathorn has expanded his farmers’ network from 2 villages to 7 villages at a fast but stable pace. The opportunity he had given to the farmers has made their quality of life better, provided them with savings and proper housing. Mr. Thanathorn is proud to be a part of this success.

“My work motto is 'Be honest. Do not cheat'. This is the way my fellow farmers and I can grow stronger together.”

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