Mr. Karawek Kuaijeen, a Sonya Plus Watermelon grower in Thailand. “In a one-year period, I have expanded the farm area five times its original size. It is not only my progress alone but the progress of the farmer’s network as well”.

Once a long-time sugarcane farmer, Mr. Karawek decided to start his life over again with the watermelon farming business. Afterward, he was introduced to Chiatai and made the decision to try Sonya Plus Watermelon farming which he was very impressed by. Compared to other watermelons he had grown, it is obvious that the Sonya Plus Watermelon has triumphed in terms of the seed quality and the consistency of the fruit size. This gave a great result in increasing the product volume.

Moreover, the Sonya Plus Watermelon’s quality is widely accepted by the mass consumers. And so, Mr. Karawek embraced this new farming business which became the success he has today.

Mr. Karawek believes “helping each other out” is the key factor behind his successes. In addition to his own integrity and determination to invest in watermelon farming, he noted that creating jobs for people in the area is also important. When the market demand for Sonya Plus Watermelons rises up, he expanded his network and in the process, created opportunities for a better life for his fellow farmers. They were able to clear their debts, send their children and grandchildren to school which made Mr. Karawek proud to be a part of that success as well.
"I want to thank Chiatai for being an integral part of the success I have today."

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