successful farming venture begins when a farmer has good judgment and understanding of his land and the seeds he plans to grow. CHIA TAI’s new F1 Melon and Watermelon varieties have opened up greater market opportunities for farmers in the Philippines. A young farmer, Mr. Arnel Verzosa of Sual, Pangasinan, began a farming venture in 2012 in order to have enough income for his family. With 7 years of experience growing melons and watermelons, he selected to start growing CHIA TAI’s new F1 Melon, ‘ROYAL GOLD’, as well as watermelon varieties on his land of 3,000 square meters. Without any hesitation, this young and hard-working farmer, along with his fellow farmers, conducted a farm trial and got excellent post-harvest results. Not only were the varieties highly prolific, but also strongly disease resistant and easy to grow, unlike the other varieties he had used.

“CHIA TAI’s products are good in the marketplace and will help us be successful. We are happy because we have alternative, high-quality seeds for farming.” - Arnel and the farm team

Mr. Virgilio Dumaya from Talavera, Nueva Ecija, has opted for CHIA TAI’s F1 Watermelon varieties, ‘PREDATOR’ and ‘TERMINATOR’. He is 55 years old and has also been growing melons and watermelons for 7 years. As a result, he gained his finest results in terms of size and weight. His fruits were large and heavy, and good for shipping and storage. Moreover, the early-maturing, easy-to-grow, disease-tolerant watermelon varieties secured Virgilio’s belief that using CHIA TAI’s seeds would enhance his products’ marketability. He thereby vouched to recommend these seeds of success to other farmers in the area – who are also optimistic that using CHIA TAI’s high quality seeds will lead to more profitable farming and enhanced community prosperity.

“I now have a better farm and income than in the past. As a farmer, I prefer to choose CHIA TAI’s seeds and propose using them to my fellow farmers.”
- Virgilio Dumaya.

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