We believe that the seed is the beginning of life. Thus, a good life comes from good quality seed. Chia Tai is committed to equipping its farmers with top quality seeds, because our goal is to lead farmers to success and improve their livelihood. One such farmer is Auntie Tubtim, a professional farmer who has 30 years of experience growing pumpkins, shared her success story with us: “I changed my pumpkin seeds to Chia Tai’s ‘Thong Amphan 346’. They showed excellent results with a great yield and consistent quality. The seeds produced less low grade pumpkins than normal. I only used 8 cans, but the yield was around 50-60 tons, much higher than I expected. Usually, 1 can of pumpkin seeds only produces between 4-5 tons per rai, but this time it was around 7 tons per rai.”

Auntie Tubtim explained that she only used one seed per growing area in order to save costs and prevent insufficient nutrients during the growing phase. At first, she was concerned about the germination, but her results showed that a desirable proportion of the Chia Tai pumpkin seeds germinated very well. Over and above the yield size, the pumpkins were heavier come harvest-time.

When asked about endorsing CHIA TAI’s products, she said that she can confidently recommend these pumpkin seeds to pumpkin growers.

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