CHIA TAI (PHILIPPINES) INCORPORATED has embarked on a new venture that has already brought victory to farmers in Philippines. The company’s new commercial sweet corn variety, ‘SWEET VICTORY’, has been considered one of their most promising, bringing victory to farmers in terms of higher yield and greater farm income. Mr. Pedro Marquez, one of the growers in Nueva Ecija, has been growing sweet corn in the Philippines for 5 years. He started using CHIA TAI’s SWEET VICTORY in October 2018 and discovered post-harvest results to be highly satisfying when compared with other varieties he had used before. The variety’s good eating quality, big ear size and low ear position (which is tolerant to plant lodging.) further developed his confidence in this product. He added that, “The average percentage of Class A ears can reach up to 90%, which is already very good for a sweet corn variety”. Mr. Marquez is now determined to continue using CHIA TAI’s SWEET VICTORY to support him raising his family

Another farmer who had a remarkable yield of SWEET VICTORY is Mr. Abellardo Bulauan from Magalang, Pampanga. He has 40 years of experience farming sweet corn and other vegetables. Upon completing the commercial trial for CHIA TAI’s F1 sweet corn variety, he had the following to say: “I was totally impressed by the corn’s bigger size and average foliage density, which is well suited for field activities such as insect and disease control”. The variety has strong plants and very good tolerance for tropical sweet corn diseases. Mr. Bulauan is confident that this new variety will help him increase his profit. He not only feels delighted to use CHIA TAI’s seeds for himself, but is equally happy to introduce this high performing variety to other farmers who can also reap productive benefits.

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