At the CP Innovation Exposition and Symposium 2019, held at BITEC Bangna from 16-19 January, Dr. Sumitra Kantrong- Assistant Vice President (Operations) at CHIA TAI was honored with the prestigious ‘CHAIRMAN AWARD 2019’. For the project entitled ‘Enrichment-Immunomagnetic Plating Method (E-IMS-plating method) for Detection of live Acidovarax Citrulli in cucurbit seeds’, it was a great achievement for her team to be winning one out of 54 awards through over 2000 projects in the CP Group.

The success of technical developments of the E-IMS technology were earlier made in May 2017 through CHIA TAI’s collaboration with BIOTEC. The key feature of this innovative technology is that it reduces the time period in detecting the contamination of BFB (Bacterial Fruit Blotch) in cucurbit seeds, thereby making it faster to isolate the bacteria from seeds within just 6-10 days. As the CP Innovation focuses on the three aspects of Economic, Technology and Social responsibility dimensions, CHIA TAI’s innovative E-IMS project clearly made its way towards the well-deserved CHAIRMAN AWARD this year. With this innovation in place, CHIA TAI aims to reduce time by early detecting bacteria and separating it to create safe seeds that will eventually create value for farmers, society, community and the nation.


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