Chia Tai, Thailand’s leading integrated agricultural company, holds ‘Chia Tai International Field Day 2020’ to showcase the outstanding strengths of its quality seed production through its R&D center in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai. Various varieties feature in demonstration plots, as well as quality agricultural products, are presented at the event. Highlights also include a variety of dishes created from fresh, tasty and safe vegetables and fruits, reinforcing Chia Tai’s vision to deliver innovative agriculture for a better and sustainable quality of life to everyone across the region.
‘Chia Tai International Field Day 2020’ is hosted by the Seed Business of Chia Tai under the concept of ‘Growing better, together.’ The event showcases 410 varieties of vegetables and fruits developed by means of Chia Tai’s cutting-edge innovation.

“Chia Tai has been hosting ‘Chia Tai International Field Day’ to showcase our capability of plant variety research and development to agriculturists and business partners from all over the world. With the usage of technology and innovation in advanced plant breeding, Chia Tai develops quality seeds immune to diseases and environmental changes. We believe that quality seeds determine a beginning to efficient cultivation. Chia Tai International Field Day is one of the activities which illustrate Chia Tai’s intention to deliver its agricultural innovation, covering the entire chain of the agricultural industry. Starting from leveraging quality factors of production to delivering fresh and safe agricultural products, Chia Tai aims to create security for farmers and confidence for consumers,” said Mr. Manas Chiaravanond, Chia Tai CEO.

Moreover, the event includes an exhibition showcasing Chia Tai’s capability of plant variety research and development which meets international standards, which includes biotechnology for plant breeding. Highlights are tissue culture with the use of double haploids to shorten the development process, and DNA technology, such as a molecular marker, to develop more advanced varieties in a shorter period of time, also enhancing accuracy and efficiency in selecting strong varieties with immunity to diseases.

Another highlight of Chia Tai International Field Day 2020 is a tasting session of special dishes created from fresh, delicious and safe products grown from quality seeds. These include watermelon jellies created from Sonya Plus watermelons with their signature bold, red pulp and fresh, sweet taste, ice-cream from Royal Rich purple sweet corns and pumpkin tarts from Chia Tai’s Mini Ball pumpkins, distinctive for their firm pulp and characteristic sweet taste in a small and practical size. In addition, participants will be tempted with Aromatic Pandan-like cucumber snacks, made from small-sized cucumbers with distinct pandan-like fragrance emanating from their trunk, fruit and flowers.

Being held during 10-14 February 2020, Chia Tai International Field Day 2020 reflects Chia Tai’s dedication to leveraging knowhow and technology in plant variety development for all stakeholders. In addition to providing high quality seeds to agriculturists, Chia Tai aims to elevate the Thai agriculture industry, and improve both farmers’ and consumers’ quality of life. Through the event, Chia Tai has successfully reinforced its strengths, vision and preparedness to approach its 100th anniversary milestone, strongly positioned to deliver agricultural innovations for the better and sustainable quality of life for people across the region.


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