Rainy season is the major sowing time for brassica crops especially for cabbage and Chinese cabbage. During this time, it may cause fungi or other plant diseases easily due to high humidity. So, the farmers should be aware of 3 factors during rainy season to protect their plants and increase the yield including;

1. Monitoring plant diseases caused by rain.
Due to rain contains natural Nitrogen which is the same as in fertilizer. Over consumption of Nitrogen caused crispy and brittle leafs. So, the soil diseases will easily insert into its lesion and damage the productivity.

2. Fertilize the plant properly by select suitable formulation which is 15-15-15 or 16-16-16. Avoid over fertilize the Nitrogen for example 46-0-0 (1st digit refers Nitrogen scale) because there is high Nitrogen in the rain.

3. Increase plant-to-plant spacing approximately 5 cm. in order to faster drain the humidity and reduce the chance of disease spreading. Moreover, wider plant space benefits for plant to increase its size and weight.

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