Radish is one of annual plant originated in China, round shape or cylindrical, thickness texture and juicy. Radish is the main ingredient of recipes both savory and desert. The properties of radish helps control weight and relief the indigestion symptom due to it contains high fiber that can balance digestive system and low calorie.

Mr. Apisit Yanprasitwet, the Thai’s grower who lives in Nakornratchasima province, experiences in growing radish more than 36 years by started his farmer career at Amphor Bangbuathong, Bangkok with leafy crop and radish since 1984. He moved to Amphor Pakchong, Nakornratchasima province and settled down to escape from the expansion of urbanization and industrial sector.

Mr. Apisit mentioned that after settled down at Nakornratchasima province, he stopped growing leafy crop and focus on radish only for the whole area at 157 rai (more than 25 hectares). His planting layout is to divide the growing area by continuously sowing in round shape in order to harvest in every day. “Everest” from Chai Tai is the radish variety that Mr.Apisit specifies to use. With the following uniqueness, “Everest” is the best ever variety that he trusts.
1. Original imported from Japan which guarantee the seed quality.
2. High adaptation to all seasons and climates with high yield, uniform, consistency and has suitable harvesting period at 50 days.
3. Good productivity with no spongy texture, conforms to the market demand.
4. Better taste compared to others including sweeter and no nasty taste.

Special tips: how to have high productivity radish – high yield, uniform, smooth skin and no spongy texture.
Mr. Apisit said “Seed is the first step of the ladder for successful farmers. The second factor is soil, the sandy loam which is good at draining is the most suitable for radish. And because the soil in Amphor Pakchong is almost sandy loam, so that’s why this is the top growing area of radish in Thailand.
Season is the third factor, even radish could be grown along the year, and the most difficult season is during in April-May due to heating and drought crisis. So anyway, we must selecting the right seed that able to adapt to fluctuated climate which is “Everest”. Its yield at least 5 tons during hot season.
The last factor is the attendance. Good soil will not cause the crook problem. Sufficient water leads to smooth skin and less mark".

Chia Tai International Field Day 2020

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