One of Thailand’s economic agricultural crops which have continuously received high popularity all year round is, pumpkin. It is the ingredient for many local cuisines from boiled, stir-fried, deep-fried, soup-based and sweet desserts because pumpkin meets the market demands for its chewy texture with a touch of sweetness. At the same time, farmers tend to look for pumpkins with strong and healthy qualities which make them easy to grow and give high produce. The top qualities include having a plump shape, an attractive weight, an endurance to shipping & handling and qualified for long-term storage.

Mr. Wisanon Phoemphun
Thai Pumpkin-Collecting Business
“Once, a humble pumpkin gathering employee who only earned a couple of hundreds, now the owner of a successful Pumpkin Collecting Business”

Mr. Wisanon mentioned, “The good quality seeds and varieties are at the heart of the success. By solely using Chia Tai seeds which are disease tolerance, it helps reduced the chemicals and the residues in pumpkin farming and made them healthy enough to grow in almost any region of Thailand. These are the highlights which have always made me choose Chia Tai seeds. The quality of the crops is up to standard and they meet the demand of the market in terms of shape, color, texture, and taste. I have always been impressed by Chia Tai’s service and constant care in providing advice on farming and seed selection. The investment money that I once had to borrow from someone else ... I’m happy to be the one giving that opportunity to other people today.”

Ms. Aree Chotchuen
Pumpkin Seller at Thai Market
With her trust and confidence in the quality of Chia Tai’s pumpkins that met the market demands, Ms. Aree has selected over 4 varieties of Chia Tai’s pumpkins – large type to sell including Thong Am Phai 426, Thong Am Phai 342, Thong Am Phan 346, and Sri Muang Thong Yai 050. “Chia Tai’s pumpkins have a good smooth texture with outstanding qualities for thickness, chewiness and nuttiness which kept the customers repurchasing for more. That’s why I never ask for another pumpkin for comparison. The pumpkin growers also like growing Chia Tai pumpkin seeds because they give good produce that the market prefers.”

In terms of selling produce of Chia Tai’s pumpkin, Ms. Aree stated that “firstly, the selling price is at a good range, even prices depends on the market situations, Chia Tai’s pumpkins quality outshine other pumpkins in the market especially on texture and color. This is what the market accepts, so they sell well. For example, Thong Am Phai 426 and Thong Am Phai 342 will be selected to cut and show because the golden yellow color is what the market prefers. For dessert ingredient, the color needs to be more slightly in green like Thong Am Phan 346 and Sri Muang Thong Yai 050”. Ms. Aree has shown her trust in the Chia Tai’s pumpkin and confident that Chia Tai will develop and introduce new variety of pumpkins with higher quality to the market.

These are all part of Chia Tai’s century long integrity to research knowledge and safe technology for developing domesticated crops so farmers can have high-standard seeds to create a good living. This also helps lift up the standards of the Thai’s industrial sector as well as the quality of life of farmers and consumers. Chia Tai will continue to grow up along the side of Thai farmers and Thai people in its 100th year to build a stable food diet and pass on sustainably innovative agriculture for better quality of life to Thais everywhere.

Chia Tai International Field Day 2020

ChiaTai join Kaset Fair 2020 with spotlight to flagship product varieties.